Busby’s Roofing

Busby’s Roofing knows you’re tired of throwing money and time away on roofers.

Most roofers work for speed but my goal is quality and integrity.

Instead of nailing fresh materials over the old, worn out roofing felt, I remove everything down to the deck before installing new felt and shingles.

Dale Busby stands by his repair work.


40% of the work Busby’s Roofing does is repairs.

8 out of 10 of the repair jobs he’s done are due to bad workmanship.

Dale wants you to know that you can depend on him to do it right the FIRST time!

Detail work is the difference.

My work stands the test of time because I respond to the needs of the roof and of the customer.

I pride myself in being a hand nailing specialist.

Let Busby’s Roofing be your LAST roofer!