Dale, we returned home this afternoon to find her new roof had been completed. Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the professional job, and to say how grateful we are that you and your crew completed the job in a timely manner.

It was a pleasure to meet you and your crew, and we want to tell you that your group were professional and pleasant to work with. You all know your job very well, and the results are wonderful. Thank you so much. It is not often you find a dedicated group that know what a good roof looks like. You have definitely taught them well. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Tommy and Judy Lockridge

Dale Busby is an absolute perfectionist ! I have worked around Dale for over 40 years, and appreciate his high quality workmanship, and can do attitude.
For your next roofing need, I highly recommend Busby’s Roofing.
Ron Lott, Lott Sheet Metal

I highly recommend Busby’s Roofing! Dale and his crew do excellent work. Hs work is very professional. I built my house in 1992 and Dale put the roof on…that was 28 yrs ago. I never had one issue with that roof. I have always said that when it was time for a new roof I would get him to do the job again.

He is very particular about his work which that is how it should be. He does it the right way….each nail is hand-nailed not done in a hurry with a nail gun. So, it came time for a new roof and Dale and his crew did an excellent job! I love it! And I will say this as well…if there is ever an issue with the roof, Busby’s Roofing is the only one I’ll call.
Thank you Dale.

Claudette Slider

I have been very pleased with my new roof. Mr. Busby and his crew did a great job. Mr. Busby made sure that all work and cleanup was done to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Busby’s Roofing.

Nancy Hill

30 years ago, Busby’s Roofing roofed my new home and did a great job. We had the roof replaced again, 18 years later due to hail damage. Busby’s Roofing was my choice again. The fact that Dale hand Nails his shingles instead of guns and guarantees his work is a plus. He also came back and blew the roof off later and looked things over.

We just had to have a new roof done in March 2020 due to hail damage again. Again, I contacted Dale Busby and his crew to do the job 30 years later he still hand nails and does an outstanding job. I recommend Busby’s Roofing for a good quality work and a pleasant Christian working crew. If you want the job done right, give him a call.

Sherrie Warren

I am so happy with my new roof. Dale Busby and his men did a beautiful job, and the finished roof looks so much better than what was there before. Mr Busby repaired sevaral areas where the wood was rotting. He replaced the vent flashings and turbine vent, and his men cleaned up all of the debris out of my yard. No nails were found anywhere, and he charged a fair price. I have no complaints. Thank you Mr. Busby.

Kim Whitehill

I have sold real estate in East Texas for forty six years. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve recommended Dale to do roofs for people……. 100 or so. He has roofed my house three times. He does repairs and he can stop a leak that other roofers cannot find. If you have any questions about him, feel free to call me. 903 530 8142

Nancy Townes